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Oil Change Service near Columbia, SC

Maintaining the life of your vehicle and its engine is simple with our oil change service near Columbia, SC. All it takes is a quick appointment to save you time and money down the road. Call us at Gerald Jones Honda today!

As you’ve been enjoying your Honda while commuting down I-77 and running errands downtown, you may not realize that the engine is constantly hard at work. As all of its small components move together, oil acts as a vital lubricant to ensure that corrosion damage doesn’t occur. The oil doesn’t last forever, which is why you should bring your vehicle into our friendly service center for an oil change! Our knowledgeable technicians will keep the engine in tip-top shape, and they’ve been trained to work on all different makes, so even if you don’t drive a Honda, feel free to come in.

There are several ways to tell if it’s time for an oil change service near Columbia, SC. The best place to check for a recommended timeline is the Owner’s Manual. You can also use the warning light on the dashboard as a guide, but be careful since this signals that your engine’s oil levels are already at a dangerous point. Many of our customers choose to schedule an oil change once year, or after every 5,000 or 7,000 miles. Severe conditions should also be taken into consideration, such as extreme heat, cold, stop-and-go traffic, and frequent towing. If you have any questions, just use our Ask a Tech form and someone will contact you with an answer promptly.  

By keeping up with a regularly scheduled oil change routine, you save yourself from a large bill and potentially long-term inconvenience down the road. If the proper amount of clean oil is not present, irreversible damage will begin to build up. This leads to the replacement of the entire engine – a project no one wants to be stuck with. All it takes is a quick service appointment here at our convenient location. While you enjoy a cup of coffee, our team will work with efficiency and precision to get your vehicle ready to take you from Point A to Point B with confidence. You can see our wide range of service hours and our ongoing specials at any time here on our site.

Make Gerald Jones Honda your trusted choice when it comes to maintenance and repairs, including an oil change service near Columbia, SC. Make an appointment or just stop by Monday through Saturday! We look forward to meeting you.

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